Gesti d'Ignoto (Gestures of the unknown)
Mario Raciti
Year: 1958
Dimension: cm 69x99
Technique: oil on canvas
Authentic: authentication by Mario Raciti on photo

This work by Mario Raciti belongs to that series of works made in the late 1950s. The title of these works is the same for all and Mario Raciti calls them Gesti d'Ignoto. This means that Mario Raciti has not yet identified the way forward. They are therefore technical evidence of painting, the attempt to transfer on the canvas his pictorial impulse or his aspiration to become a painter. Unlike the works that will come, in this Mario Raciti uses rather dense colors, almost material. The color varies from gray to black, to blue, to white, to magenta. Mario Raciti performs a work that is an overlay of brushstrokes, of marks next to a predominant gray field to the right and left of the painting.

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