Gesti d'Ignoto (Gestures of the Unknown)
Mario Raciti
Year: 1958
Dimension: cm 31x42
Technique: mixed on canvas paper
Archiving: Mario Raciti Archive n° 830
Authentic: authentication by Mario Raciti on photo

This work by Mario Raciti also belongs to the series that the Master calls Gesti d'Ignoto.  Mario Raciti made this cycle of works in the late 1950s when he was still undecided whether to pursue a career as a lawyer or a painter. In the case of this work Mario Raciti performs, on the canvas paper, a series of stains, brushstrokes and even fine lines as if they were of pencil. Mario Raciti uses very diluted colors ranging from blue to red and black on a white background just veiled in very soft blue.

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