Gesti d'ignoto (Gestures of the unknown)
Mario Raciti
Year: 1958
Dimension: cm 48x67
Technique: mix media on papier applied on canvas
Authentic: authentication on photo by Mario Raciti

This work "Gestures of the unknown" by Raciti is on paper applied on canvas by the artist, and this is very common in the works of this period. In the search for his own expressiveness Mario Raciti flows the surface of the paper with wide brushstrokes and with a very diluted color and this foreshadows what will then be his artistic path, light signs and poorly saturated colors. We find in the work the blue, the black, yellow lightning bolts, the pink and also very widespread ink marks that on the right side look like many swallows in flight.

Tags: Mario Raciti - Raciti - gestures of the unknown

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