Gesti d'Ignoto (Gestures of the unknown)
Mario Raciti
Year: 1958
Dimension: cm 33,5x48,2
Technique: mixed oncanvas paper
Authentic: authentication by Mario Raciti on photo

This work by Mario Raciti belongs to the cycle of Gesti d'Ignoto. They are those works, which Mario Raciti painted towards the end of the 50s, characterized by coarse spots and feathers, almost raw, far from the soft and nuanced ones that will become his stylistic figure. In practice Mario Raciti is looking for his own language and these works are the beginning of a path he feels to take but is a path full of unknowns, of a nebulous future, not yet clear. In particular, this work has rather rough spots and brushstrokes with bright contrasts between diffuse yellow and areas of blue or brown. These spots cover only part of the work, the rest is a light gray background. It is as if Mario Raciti had stopped unable to complete the work, undecided or unable to continue for lack of stimulation or creativity

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