Tre linee con arabesco 1540 (Three lines with arabesque 1540)
Giorgio Griffa
Year: 1995
Dimension: cm 100x136
Technique: acrylic on cotton
Authentic: authentication on photo by Giorgio Griffa

Given the large size this is an impressive work by Giorgio Griffa. It belongs to the cycle "Three lines with arabesque" whose meaning we have already explained since the arabesque is a figure in which the line returns to its starting point, with an approximately circular movement, to symbolize the historical courses and recurrences both in daily happenings  than in figurative art. This work by Griffa, in addition to the arabesque and the three lines, is also rich in other signs, now broad, now thin, now simple brush strokes with colors ranging from yellow to red to purple to pink. But what makes this work special is the chalky and sparse white background that covers it throughout its extension.

Tags: Giorgio Griffa - Griffa - arabesque
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