Saluti da Roma(Greetings from Rome)
Vanni Cuoghi
Year: 2018
Dimension: cm 21x21x18
Technique: watercolor and china on paper
Publications: Vanni Cuoghi, souvenirs of Italie
Exhibitions: Vanni Cuoghi, souvenirs of Italie, Chiari 6-10, 19-11- 2018
Authentic: authentication by Vanni Cuoghi on photo

These works by Vanni Cuoghi consist of a plexiglas box that has inside three or four parallel sheets and at the same distance from each other. These sheets have figures or landscapes, urban and not, drawn in watercolor and china and cut out with the scalpel. A vintage postcard is glued to the back wall. In our case the postcard is a view of Vatican Rome while in the other sheets there are characters and trees.

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