Rimedio n°28 (Remedy # 28)
Vanni Cuoghi
Year: 2019
Dimension: cm 13x19
Technique: watercolor on paper
Authentic: authentication on photo by Vanni Cuoghi

This small work by Vanni Cuoghi belongs to the series of "Remedies", that is, that series of small-format works made by inserting watercolored and carved papers into a package of drugs.  In this work Cuoghi represents a dragon and on the left of the work a medieval warrior ready to kill the dragon to obtain blood from it. Cuoghi plays on the misunderstanding because "dragon blood" is not the blood of the mythological animal "dragon", but a resin, obtained from different trees, of intense red color, which in the past was used for the most diverse uses but above all as a medicine to treat different illnesses.  The work, whose predominant color is blue, is inserted in a box of plexiglas, its price, very low, is € 1200.

Tags: Vanni Cuoghi - Cuoghi- Remedies

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