Un ovale bianco (A white oval)
Turi Simeti
Year: 2017
Dimension: cm 30x30
Technique: acrylic on shaped canvas
Authentic: authentication on photo by Turi Simeti

Small work by Turi Simeti. A central oval at the bottom of considerable size compared to the measurements of the canvas. White is the color that best suits Simeti's works as the play of light and shadow is essential. The contrast is between the candid white of the oval and its shadow, slightly gray, which is projected into various diretions according to the incident light and therefore depending on the time of day. This variation of the position of the shadow is the secret and charm of Simeti'sworks. A simple figure, the oval, a candid white color that together give a formidable expressive power to the work.

Tags: Turi Simeti - Simeti - oval

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