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Francisco Sobrino
Year: 1975
Dimension: cm 125x125
Technique: plexiglas methacrylate
Archiving: work registered at the Atelier Sobrino in Paris under the number DE20-20
Publications: Horacio Garcia Rossi, Francisco Sobrino -City of Tolmezzo. Published on page 45 of the exhibition catalogue
Exhibitions: Horacio Garcia Rossi, Francosco Sobrino, 11 November - 31 December 2006, Palazzo Frisacco, Tolmezzo (UD) 11-11 to 31-12 2006

Francisco Sobrino,a well-known exponent of the Parisian GRAV group, has walked two paths, painting and sculpture. By painting Sobrino  creates optical works and therefore with the study of work-user interaction in accordance with the principles of GRAV, while in sculpture he realizes a work -object that to the user always appears as it is regardless of the point of observation. At most Sobrino plays on the difference in light between black and white even if the surfaces of the plexiglas are finished shiny in the same way. In the case of this work Sobrino creates a kind of cell consisting of a bar of white or black plexiglas that repeats in a straight direction starting from a square, white or black. So Sobrino rotates the figure consisting of the square and bars by 180 degrees, around an axis, to the final shape.

Tags: Francisco Sobrino - Sobrino - GRAV - Optical

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