Ammiccamenti di disturbo (Disturbance winks)
Riccardo Guarneri
Year: 1990
Dimension: cm 80x100
Technique: mix media on canvas
Publications: published in the catalogue of the exhibition Riccardo Guarneri - Le carte on pag. 57
Exhibitions: Riccardo Guarneri - Le carte, from 17 October to 22 November 2020
Authentic: authentication on photo by Riccardo Guarneri

The surface of the work is almost white, crossed by thin colored or white stripes. The whole surface is finely dashed with pencil or pastel, it is not understood well. But to break the monotony of the work, to make it less cold, here on the right Guarneri inserts colored spots. This can be interpreted as an element of disturbance, hence the title, or as an invitation to the viewer not to stop uncritically in front of the work, perhaps dazzled by so much light emanating from the painting, but to analyze the various shades of color in an intimate key according to one's own feeling.

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