Materiali diversi, collettiva (Different materials, groupe exhibition)

The Galleria d'Arte L'Incontro presents eleven leading artists from the Italian art scene, placing the attention on the diversity of the materials used. "Inerti" materials that take shape, life, acquire their own soul and personality in the hands of the great Masters, while conveying messages, sensations and emotions. So it is also interesting to read a work by the material of which it is composed, to think about the primary function of this material and the destination it has been given. They are very different materials but united by the common thread of "making art", materials even poor or of other use in daily practice but that shaped, worked by the artist's wise hands or elaborated by creative minds become works of art. So in fact it happens with the aluminum of Alviani, with the cotton threads of Boetti embroidery, with the industrial fabrics of Christo, with the salt and sulfur of Calzolari, with the wood of del Pezzo's filing cabinet, with the cloths of Griffa, with the tar of Kounellis, with the cardboard of Masi, with the ceramics of Ontani , with Pomodoro's bronze, with Uncini iron and cement and with Stromboli sand of  Zorio.

Tags: Alviani - Boetti - Christo - Calzolari - Del Pezzo - Griffa - Kounellis - Masi - Ontani - Pomodoro - Uncini - Zorio - sand of Stromboli