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Kazumasa exhibition

Date : 7 Feb 2021

Kazumasa Mizokami exhibits personal colorful terracotta sculptures on the premises of the Toselli Gallery, in via Tortona 31 in Milan. In this exhibition we find the themes dear to Kazumasa, the Blue Man, the Calendars, the animals, the flower panels. A yellow sculpture stands out upside down representing the fall of Icarus,the Greek mythological character who wanted to challenge the sun with wax wings and for this he soon fell to earth. But Kazumasa does not precipitate him but makes him glide over a flowery field with his hands and head. This is a symbolic representation of the present moment, Icarus like the reckless who dare to challenge Covid-19 but are hopelessly defeated and driven back into their human dimension. They will be saved by art, the one made with head and hands, and then instead of squealing to the ground they will glide over a flowering field.

Works for sale by Kazumasa Mizokami you can view them on our website at

Kazumasa Mizokam i'sworks are available in the gallery during opening hours for direct viewing.

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