Wrapped trees, project for the Foundation Beyeler, Riehn, Switzerland
Javacheff christo
Year: 1997
Dimension: cm 66,7x77,5
Technique: pencil, crayons, wax crayons, charcoal, fabric and thread on paper
Archiving: archive Christo Foundation n°307-05
Authentic: authentication by the Christo Foundation on photo

Christo's work truly fascinating with this central tree entirely covered with fabric. In the background there are six other trees covered with fabric and the design of the Beyeler Foundation designed by Renzo Piano. It is one of the few works of Christo without photos and without a map, admirably drawn in charcoal and pastels. The fabric of the trees is of a very soft blue color pastel as well as the background sky. Charcoal interventions on the fabric are made to enhance the folds. The three-dimensional rendering is excellent such that when the work seems to be sitting on the garden lawn. Here are two elements that enhance the three-dimensionality of the work. The first are the two trees on the left which are arranged on a diagonal, i.e. on a hypothetical line of flight. The second is the shadow cast by the tree which does not cover it all, leaving the foot of the tree and a little adjacent lawn uncovered. Another curiosity, due to Christo's respect for the environment, is that the installation was carried out when the trees had lost their leaves.

Tags: Christo - Beyeler Foundation

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