L'ultimo abbraccio (The Last Hug)
Mario Tozzi
Year: 1968
Dimension: cm 35,5x27,5
Technique: oil on canvas glued on wood
Archiving: work filed at the Mario Tozzi Archive with the number 2480

This oil by Mario Tozzi belongs to the period of Suna which is the resort on Lake Maggiore where the artist spent his childhood and old age. This work is typical of Mario Tozzi's artistic production and depicts the slightly reclined head of a girl on an uneven white material background. On the right centrally is represented a nude of a woman in profile while in the lower right Mario Tozzi inserts two geometric figures, a circle and a trapeze, which are a constant in the works of the artist. The figure is melancholy because the work was performed in the period of the death of a loved one to Mario Tozzi,and the title is but the act of love of the person towards the relatives before its earthly end. For greater completeness we also publish the back of the work.

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