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Valerio Adami

Without title

Year : 1965

Dimensions : cm 48,5x68,5

Technique : graphite on paper

Archive : Valerio Adami archive n° IT224C

Authentication : authentication by Valerio Adami on photo

Short Review

This drawing by Valerio Adami is a preparatory drawing of a work to be made. In practice, we don't know if Valerio Adami performed the work. In the drawing there are some elements that are easily identified such as hands, with particular emphasis on nails, mouths, and a hand with a pastel between the fingers represented when is drawing a drawing on a sheet of paper. The rest, as often happens in the works by Valerio Adami,is not easily decipherable except the central figure that looks like the palette of a painter.

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Valerio Adami

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Laguna (Lagoon)

Year : 2015/2017

Dimensions : 130x97

Technique : acrylic on canvas

Authentication : authentication on photo by Valerio Adami

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