visit to Kazumasa

Visit to the studio of Kazumasa Mizokami,an artist who represents a fantastic nature made of imaginary flowers with bright colors. Kazumasa hails from Arita in Japan which is a famous location in that country because of the pottery processing. Kazumasa's family is a family of potters, but Kazumasa stopped at a stage before pottery using terracotta as a plastic material. Terracotta is baked and then painted. Compared to ceramics, terracotta is a warm material that makes you feel the soul and breath of mother earth. The very intense bright colors create a heavenly atmosphere. The sculptures have anonymous faces, the poses are spiritual, an invitation to meditation and contemplation. Ultimately Kazumasa's works convey joy but also a sense of deep stillness.

Kazumasa Mizokami's works for sale are only visible on our website

In addition, works by Kazumasa Mizokami are in the gallery for direct viewing during opening hours.

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