Umberto Mariani - visit to the studio

Visit to the studio of Umberto Mariani to view his latest works and wish you a Happy Easter. Mariani has luded us with the latest productions, from small works of 30x20 cm to larger ones of 100x70 cm. The works are performed with lead foil, which the artist shapes in the way of folds of a dress or drapery, on which he then spreads several coats of color. Colors are generally primary colors with small variations created by Mariani himself.

On our website at the addresse you can view the works for sale by Umberto Mariani

Please note that the works of Umberto Mariani are available in the gallery for direct viewing during the opening hours of the gallery

You can also see a preview of Mariani's works by appointment via Whatsapp at 3334755164

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