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Paolo Masi new works

Date : 9 Dec 2020

We have just published works by Paolo Masi,a well-known exponent of Analytical Painting together with Giorgio Griffa, Riccardo Guarneri and Gianfranco Zappettini, which you can see at the address

In 1974 Paolo Masi began to use cardboard to produce his works, especially the packaging cardboard that in Masi's work is not only elevated to elected material but, at the same time, acquires full autonomy, both as a support and as a work.

All the works of Paolo Masi published are of the same size and are placed in a case of plexiglas for which you can see the package of the cartoons that make up the work.

Also at the address    clicking on the name of the artists mentioned, Guarneri, Zappettini, Griffa,you can view their works and their biography

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