new works

On our website we recently published three new works, one by Agostino Bonalumi, one by Roberto Crippa and another by Giorgio Griffa. They are three captivating works for their constructive solutions. Bonalumi's is a purple silk and the value of this solution, the coverage of the shaped paper with purple silk, is of great visual impact as silk enhances the protrusions, the"extroflexions",of the paper below accentuating the difference between the lights and shadows and also the shine of the silk generates glows that change color and position depending on the movement of the viewer. Crippa's work is instead a "landscape", a seascape at sunset. In this work Crippa represents the fire red sky, the sea with orange red glows, the beat and a cliff jutting out into the sea. A black sun next to a red one reminds us that in so much beauty the transilaity of life is inherent. Finally, Griffa gives us a work of those called "Three Lines and an Arabesque" unusually rich in signs and lines. Centrally a anthology of "X" signs predominates which, being in mathematics the sign of an unknown, means that even on a radiant day the unknowns of the future are always present.

Other works for sale by Bonalumi, Crippa and Griffa can be seen on our website at clicking on the artist's name.

In addition, the works of Bonalumi, Crippa and Griffa are available in the gallery for direct viewing during the opening hours of the gallery

In addition via whatsapp with the mobile number 3334755164 you can see the works in preview and by appointment

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