Pablo Atchugarry exhibition at the Palazzo Reale in Milan

A solo show by Pablo Atchugarry was inaugurated on Tuesday 26 October at the Palazzo Reale in Milan in the Sala delle Cariatidi. The exhibition is not an anthology of Atchugarry but an exhibition of the works that characterize the artist. Interesting an introduction of the tools of the trade with a sculpture made from a trunk of an olive tree on which Atchugarry limits himself to peeling the tree as it is a sculpture in itself. In his very particular art, Atchugarry limits himself to removing the superfluous of marble by removing those sedimentations that over millions of years have either not blended well with the rest of the stone or that the artist does not feel amalgamated. With this operation Atchugarry is as if laying bare the soul of sculpture, sinuous and vibrant like a woman in love.

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