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Kazumasa at Museo Diocesano of Massa

Date : 20 Jul 2023

With the title "Where the stars are born", Kazumasa exhibits at the Diocesan Museum of Massa in a path where his works are combined with Renaissance works and the sacred vestments of the Catholic liturgy. At first sight such a collocation is unthinkable, in practice this juxtaposition between the ancient and the modern is not at all unbecoming or strident, on the contrary the union between the sacred and the profane enhances the sacredness of the work of art and establishes a continuity between the present and the past. It testifies to the common thread that binds art over the centuries even if the subjects are totally different because the commissioning of the work of art is different. The title is evocative of the artist's spiritual motivations, custodian of an art that arises from the unknown of the deepest impulses of the soul, like the stars are born from the unexplored depths of the universe. Visiting hours are divided into two parts, the summer one, until 3 September, from 21 to 24 on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays and from 18 to 24 on Fridays. The winter timetable, on the other hand, runs from September 6 to October 4 from Wednesday to Sunday from 15 to 19. Admission is free with free donations.

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