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Death of Turi Simeti

Date : 18 Mar 2021

Turi Simeti died the day before yesterday, March 16, at the age of 91. With him goes one of the last protagonists of that fruitful period of Italian art that was that of the 60s; period that includes artists such as Castellani, Bonalumi,Manzoni, Fontana,Schifano, Boetti, Isgrò just to name a few. Sicilian of Alcamo, he emigrated to Rome in 1959 and then finally to Milan in 1965. In that year he participated in a memorable exhibition in Fontana's studio, called "Zero Avantgarde", with Manzoni, Dadamaino, Kusama, Haake, Bonalumi and others. His was an essential painting, solitary without concessions to want to please the market. A monochromatic painting with only one constructive element that was the geometric figure of the oval, declined in various positions and inclinations. The oval generates a shadow that varies depending on the incident light and therefore depending on the time of day, turning the work into an intimate conversation with the viewer. So no frills, no social or political meanings, no wanting to represent something, just an emotional involvement of ancestral drives.

On our website at the address you can see the works for sale by Turi Simeti.

Remember that Turi Simeti's works are in the gallery for a direct view during the opening hours of the gallery.

We also inform you that you can see the works via Whatsapp by appointment at 3334755164

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