Christo, Arc de Triomphe packed in Paris

In the Corriere Economia of 6 September 2021 an interesting article focuses on the economic implications of Christo'sworks. The article is inspired by the imminent packaging of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, a project that was one of the first that Christo conceived together with his wife Jeanne Claude just met. It was 1958 and Christo's packaging projects appeared lunar even to insiders. The project therefore did not have the necessary permits to be realized. Finally after 60 years the project goes through but neither Christo,nor Jeanne Claudand will see the realization as they died in 2020 and 2009 respectively.  The Arc de Triomphe will be covered with 25 thousand square meters of silver-blue fabric and the wrapping of the fabric will be guaranteed by a red rope tightened around the Arch.  The project will be in situ from 17 September to 3 October and therefore can be visited by the public day and night because it is adequately illuminated. On the occasion of this installation, the article focuses on the evaluations of Christo's work that in the period 2000-2020 have undergone an average increase of 205%.

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