Biasi for the Corriere della Sera

On the insert "La Lettura" of this Sunday's Corriere della Sera is reproduced on full page a work by Alberto Biasi of the optical-dynamic cycle. Inside the insert there is a brief history of the artist. We want to dwell on the fact that sometimes there is confusion in defining the Biaisi technique by defining it kinetics. Biasi's works have nothing kinetic as they have no moving parts, but all the research is based on the perception that the viewer has of the work. Biasi defines some cycles as optical-dynamic. In truth of dynamic, in the physical sense of the term, they have nothing, rather they have to see with the vulgar meaning of the term that means the opposite of the static. In the final analysis, Biasi's art falls into the vein of what we call "Programmed Art" and in particular "Optical Art".

Tags: Aloberto Biasi - Biasi - optical dynamic - Programmed Art - Optical Art