Mizokami Kazumasa

Kazumasa Mizokami was born in Arita, Japan, in 1958 from a family of potters. Arita is a town famous in Japan for its ceramics called "Imari". Kazumasa grows up absorbing the culture of clay processing from an early age. But kazumasa does not want to be just a craftsman, but aspires to be an artist, so he leaves Japan and, after a stay in Mexico where he teaches sculpture, he moves to Milan attending the Brera Academy where he graduated in 1992. After graduation, he settled permanently in Milan where he lived and worked. Below are some of his solo exhibitions

1995   Galleria Franco Toselli – Milan

1996   Galleria Studio d'Arte Barnabò – Venice

1997   Galleria Arte 3 – Trieste

           Sio Gallery – Barcelona (Spain)

1998   Galleria Cà di Frà – Milan

           Eos Factory Gallery – Milan

1999   Galleria Proposte d'Arte – Legnano

2000   Realizes a monumental sculpture for the city of Osaka (Japan)

           Galleria Col – Osaka (Japan)

2001   Galleria Effelevante – Lecco

            E-studio gallery – Pieve di Cadore

            Art Gallery 3 – Trieste

            Galleria Cà di Frà – Milan

2002    Galleria Franco Toselli – Milan

2003   Gangurinn Gallery – Reykjavik – Iceland

2004   Cloister of S. Agostino – Pietrasanta

2005   Galleria Cà di Frà – Milan

2006   Galleria Col – Osaka (Japan)

2007   Galleria Franco Toselli – Milan

2008   Gallery Proposte d'Arte – Legnano

           Victor Saavedra Gallery – Barcelona (Spain)

2009   Artema Gallery – Modena

2010 Galleria L'Incontro – Chiari

2010 Proarte Gallery – Zurich, Switzerland

2011 Visconti Fine Art – Ljubljana Slovenia

The works for sale by Kazumasa Mizokami are in the gallery for their direct viewing during opening hours.

You can also preview the works of Kazumasa Mizokami via whatsapp by appointment with the number 3334755164

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