(Bombardier) 1913 Billy Wells
Valerio Adami
Year: 2014
Dimension: cm 48x36
Technique: pencil on paper
Archiving: work registered at the Adami Archive at no. IT2012C
Publications: Arte in Carta, galleria d’arte l’Incontro
Exhibitions: Arte in Carta, galleria d’arte l’Incontro, ottobre – novembre 2019

The design for Valerio Adami is the foundation of his work. In fact, before moving on to the canvas, Adami draws, on sheets of 36x48 cm, what will later become a painting. From this year four drawings are part of the collection of the Uffizi donated by Adami. The design for Valerio Adami is therefore an essential act of his work. On the drawing Valerio Adami fixes memories, encounters, observations that have passed in his mind. In the drawings Valerio Adami,similarly as he does on the canvas, surrounds the figures with his characteristic trait very often.

Tags: Valerio adami - Adami

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