Getulio Alviani
Superficie a testura vibratile
Year: 1974
Technique: aluminium
Size: 85x85 cm diagonale 60,2x60,2 cm lato
Authentication: authentication on photo by Getulio Alviani; work recorded

this work of Getulio Alviani is made of milled aluminum sheets pasted on a board. The thickness of the sheets is about half a millimeter and the milling is done by boring with a boring tool diameter of 490 mm. On each sheet are played some small circular grooves. It then generates a reflection of light in the shape of a cone. The artist wisdom, Alviani, is then to compose the various plates so that the reflection of the light of each individual sheet is in balance with the reflection of light of the other sheets.

work exhibited at the Galerie Denise René in Paris in 1996 and published in the catalog "Lumiere et mouvement"

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