Javacheff Christo
Curtains for la Rotonda (Project for la Rotonda - Via Enrico Besana - Milano)
Year: 1970
Technique: fabric, map, pencil, pastels and photo in white and black on cardboard
Size: cm 71x56
Authentication: authentication on photo by Christo

 This classical dimensions work by Christo , 71x56 cm, is a collage on cardboard of the interior  photo of the  the Rotonda della Besana located near the historic center of Milan, in the past used as a cemetery, and the relative topographic map. Christo has worked on the photo of the Rotonda with some pastel interventions and covering the arches with white cloth retouched with pastel. Curiosity, the civic building seen in the background belongs to a famous Milanese family. 

 The work by Christo Curtains for the Rotonda was exhibited in Germany at the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum, Krefeld in 1983-84 in the exhibition "Sammlung Helga und Walther Lauffs- Amerikanische und Europaische Kunst der Sechziger und siebziger Jahre" and mentioned in its catalogue  Page 227 n ° 64

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